With a specific end goal to sign into your Dlink router, you should be associated with the switch either wired or remote. Go to net browser and type the particular IP address of the Dlink router. The default IP for your router login page is, but you must use Dlinkrouter.local link to get access to the login page of your router. You can likewise sign into your switch utilizing the accompanying connection dlinkrouter.local. You ought to be taken to a D-Link login page. As a matter of course, the username for the router login is admin and there is no secret key.


  1. How to setup a Dlink router?
  • First connect the router to the mains. Then take the following steps:
  • Then plug the blue cable into the “Internet” port on the router, the other end connect to the “Internet” port on your modem.
  • For the first setup, we recommend that you connect the PC via LAN to the D-Link router.
  • Wait for the router and modem to start completely and open your internet browser. Enter here “” on.
  • For the user name, enter “admin” and leave the password field blank. Then click on “Login” to set up the router.
  • The setup wizard will guide you through the process. First select “Internet” and then type in your access data, which you have received from the provider.
  • The next step is the security settings of the WLAN. You can specify a name and password for the network here. Save with “Connect”.
  • If all data is correct, the router is ready after a short time and you can start surfing.
  • For security reasons, you should set the admin password for the router under “Tools”> “Admin”.

How to make guest access for the Wi-Fi set up for Dlink router?

  • To set up, open the address of the router in the browser such as “” and log in as a user with a password.
  • Depending on the model, the following options differ. For example, with a D-Link router, click on “Advanced” in the upper area of the window and select the “Guest Zone” command in the next menu on the left. Activate the option “Enable Guest Zone”.
  • In addition, you can use »New Schedule« to set a schedule for when this access is activated.
  • In the field “Wireless Network Name” change the suggested name of the network name (SSID). This name is different from your WLAN.
  • The following option »Enable Routing between Zones« determines whether data is exchanged between both networks and thus guests can access their own network. For pure Internet access leave this option switched off.
  • Finally decide on “Security Mode” whether you offer an unprotected WLAN via “None” or better activate the usual encryption with “WPA-Personal”. For this you still assign a “Pre-Shared Key” for encryption. You can use a simpler term for this. This should not match the password of your own network. Then save the settings with »Save settings« and tell the guests the necessary SSID and the key.

How to determine the right IP address for the D-Link router?

Your D-Link router IP is probably one of the following: or or or

  • First enter the first of these addresses in the address field of your browser and tap the Enter key. It should now be possible to configure your router.
  • If it does not work with the first address, try the other one.
  • If it does not work with any of these codes, you should look at the bottom of the router. Usually there is a sticker with the correct address attached.
  • Has this ever changed, you can make a reset on your router. Usually there is a small reset button in the device. You must press this with a pencil or other thin object for ten seconds.

How to find a code by windows command prompt?

Is your PC currently online in a LAN or Wi-Fi network? In that case, it helps to find the default gateway via Windows command prompt. This is usually the code of your router at the same time. You have to do the following:

  • Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Type cmd in the search field and select the corresponding match.
  • A window opens. There you enter ipconfig and tap the enter key.
  • Under “Ethernet adapter LAN connection” or “wireless adapter” you will now the
  • “Default Gateway” is displayed.
  • Enter this into the address field of your browser.
  • You should now be able to access your router.

How to reveal an IP address for my newly brought router?

For those who are not so lucky and can read the router’s IP address directly from the device, there are simply tools in Windows that reveal the magic number.

  • Open the Windows command prompt via the shortcut “Windows key” + “R”.
  • There you enter the command “ipconfig”.
  • Confirms the command with Enter and several entries with IP addresses appear on the screen.
  • The IP address of the router can be found in the entry “Default Gateway “.
  • Copy or write out the address to enter the number series in the browser window.
  • The corresponding IP address of the router can now be used to access all functions and settings of the device.

Unidentified network: what does that mean?

The message can be found at the lower right of the taskbar next to the system time, represented by a small yellow triangle. The error is caused if the PC cannot be assigned an IP address in the network.

  • To check which IP address your computer has, use the Windows Run function (shortcut: “Windows key” + “R”) to enter “cmd” and then write the command “ipconfig”.
  • In the line “IPv4 address” the IP address of the computer is displayed.
  • With a proper connection there is an entry like “192.168.1.x “.
  • However, if there is another value, the IP address was not assigned by the network but directly by Windows via APIPA (“Automatic Private IP Addressing”). This creates the error with the unidentified network. If there is an error, here is usually an IP, which begins with 169.xxx.

How could I login to my newly purchased Dlink router?

  • Open any browser and enter the IP address of the router in the address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • The login dialog opens in a popup.
  • The popup may be blocked by your browser. In this case, allow the pop-up to open.
  • In the login dialog, enter the access data for the configuration of the router.
  • In the delivery state the access data are user name: admin and the password is empty.
  • For security reasons, both username and password should be changed.
  • After clicking on Apply or pressing Enter the configuration interface of the D-Link DI-524 appears.

How to reset a Dlink router?

If you have significant problems with a D-Link router, you cannot avoid resetting to factory settings. Resetting a D-Link router is quickly done. On the back of your D-Link router you will find a reset button. As a rule, this is explicitly designated so that you can recognize it quickly. If you have found the reset button on your D-Link router, press it for at least 10 seconds. Release it afterwards.

Your D-Link router should now completely restart. By pressing the reset button a hard reset was performed. This means that your router has been reset to factory settings.

What is the default password for my Dlink router?

After you have reset the D-Link router, any previously assigned password is no longer valid. Instead, the default access, which in most cases looks like D-Link, is that the username is “admin”. The password either remains empty or is also “admin” (without quotation marks).

What happens when you reset?

When reset, your D-Link router will be reset to its original state. This means that all settings made are reset. So you have to make all previous settings such as WLAN encryption yourself again. Also any MAC filter tables or settings for the automatic allocation of IP addresses (DHCP) must be redefined.

What do I have to pay attention to?

Make absolutely sure that you have noted down the most important data in advance. These include, for example, the access data for your Internet access. Otherwise, the annoying search begins in the documents after the reset. Therefore, prepare these in advance.

How to configure a PPTP server for the router?

To configure the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) server, which is mainly intended to provide authentication and encryption?

  • To do this, go to VPN> Home on PPTP Server and select the PPTP server settings.
  • Put the checkmark for “Enable” on “PPTP Server”
  • The setting for “Virtual IP of PPTP Server” is retained
  • Now select an authentication protocol that is also known to the VPN client (eg PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP or EAP)
  • Defines now the tunnel name, as well as the username and the password, which should be dialed into the client later
  • Confirm and click on “Continue” again