frequently asked questions

Q: -1 what are the options for resetting the High Power Router to factory default settings?

Ans: – Access the Reset button on the web menu.

Access the physical Reset Button located at the back of the Amped High Power Router.

Q: -2 How do I log into my wireless router?

Ans: – Launch a web browser on your computer or wireless device.

Enter wireless router default web address or IP address into browser address bar.

Next, enter router login credentials and login successfully into your router GUI.

Q: – 3 Can I modify the router login username to somewhat other than admin?

Ans: – You can change the router password, not the username of the router.

Q: – 4 What is the Method of changing router admin password?

Ans: – Login to your router.

2.Visit Maintenance menu and choose Set Password.

3.Type your router old and then the new password.

4.Click on the Apply button to save the changes.

Q: – 5 How many wireless devices can a wireless router supports?

Ans: – With an access point a wireless router can support up to 250 devices. The more the more, more it affects the wireless speed.

Q: – 6 How do I upgrade firmware for my router?

Ans: – Login to your router user interface, visit advanced settings and then download fresh firmware version. Later locate the downloaded file and upgrade it to the previous version.

Q: – 7 Can I allocate an IP address to a particular device or computer?

Ans: – Yes, you can, simply log in to router GUI.

Acquire the IP address device or computer is using. Go to Maintenance Menu and then Advanced Menu or later the Address Reservation.

Q: – 8 Do wifi routers support Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA™) security?

Ans: – Yes, the wireless router comes with WPA2™ / WPA™ security enabled. In some cases, the older network needs a software update to support WPA2™ / WPA™.

Q: – 9 How do I manually set up my router?

Ans: – By the use of router’s browser-based utility.

Q: – 10 What would I do if my router was not successfully set up?

Ans: – Press and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds.

2.Run the Setup program once again on your router CD.

3.For the moment deactivate computer’s firewall.

4.One more time run the Setup program on your Router CD.

5.Just in case, you have any other computer, make use of it.

Q: – 11 What should I do, if I forgot my wi-fi password?

Ans: – Start with setting up your wireless router by a wired connection.

2.Type router setting page (username and password).

3.Now, reset the password of your router.

4.Visit Wireless section of your wireless router.

5.In the end, save the changes by clicking on Save button.

Q: – 12 Can’t access the internet via the router. What to do?

Ans: –Ensure your router has a correct WAN connection.

2.Check if the adapter is set to acquire IP automatically.

3.Validate if your computer can access the internet through other network settings.

4.Verify ISP Internet settings and information related to it.

Q: – 13 Every time I start using my wifi router, Wifi signal get disconnected. What should I do?

Ans: – Make sure your router has updated firmware version.

2.Try switching to control channels with a lesser amount of interference.

3.Minimize interference around your router.

Q: – 14 How do I protect my network?

Ans: – Secure your wireless network by the use of WPA2.

Q: – 15 What is my router IP address?

Ans: – By default, the majority of router manufacturers make use of or as their default LAN IP address.

Q: – 16 How can I physically connect the router?

Ans: –Detach any cable that is connecting the modem to the router.

2.Next, plug in modem power adapter and verify or check the LED to make sure modem is working.

3.Now, connect your router to the modem. Take one end of the Ethernet cable and attach it to the modem and other ends to router internet port.

4.Connect your router to the computer by the use of an Ethernet cable.

5.At last plug, the router power adapter and check LED lights.