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The Netgear router firmware update needs to be done on a regular basis or as soon as the update is released on the Netgear router portal. The Netgear router firmware is the main virtual component of the router via which all the important commands are passed on to the router hardware. Updating the firmware of your Netgear router is quite an easy task nowadays. The user just need to access the router portal through or through the IP address

Follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware of your Netgear router through or

  • Initially, you will need a firmware update file which in turn needs to be uploaded or installed on the router.
  • To download the firmware update file from the Netgear support portal, visit the web address and download the exact update file for your router device model.
  • Once you have downloaded and saved the update file in an easily accessible location of your PC, then you have to access the router admin page.
  • Open the web browser of your computer again and enter the web address in the URL bar. Hit enter.
  • Now, authorize your access into the router setup page by providing a username and password you have set. If you haven’t customized the login credential, you can carry on with the default values which are “admin” and “password” itself.
  • Upon successfully accessing the router setup page, click the system admin section and then click the router firmware>update tab.
  • You will be asked to specify the location of the downloaded update file to start the upload process. Just click the browse button to locate and upload the update file on the router.
  • Wait for few seconds till the router finishes the update installation process and your router will be equipped with the latest and updated firmware within minutes only.


Advantages of updating the Netgear router’s firmware

Netgear Nighthawk X8-R8500 router

It is always recommended to update the firmware of the router as soon as the update is released. The Netgear router’s firmware update has many benefits. Some of them have been filtered out listed below.

  • The network and wireless security of the router device can get enhanced for sure.
  • Updating the firmware of the Netgear router leads to the enhanced performance of the devices connected to it.
  • The graphical user interface of the router also gets customized and few more buttons may also get added after the update.

Various connection methods used for connecting the Netgear router to your computer device and their details.

Some of the connection methods that can be used for setting up the wired or wireless connection between the router and the computer system are listed below.

  • WPS mode of connection (wireless)
  • Wired Ethernet connect (RJ45/LAN cable)
  • Wi-Fi connection (wireless)


WPS mode of connection

The WPS mode (Wi-Fi protected setup) method is the quickest wireless connection method of getting your networking hardware and computer connected to each other. The WPS mode of connection requires the wireless network to be updated and latest. The WPS mode of connection works only with the wireless networks that use the security keys such as WPA/WPA 2, WPSK/WPSK 2. These wireless security keys are the updated ones. It is important to remember that the router with old and outdated security keys will not be connected to the computer through WPS button mode.

Important instructions

  • It is very crucial to note that the WPS button of the router needs to be pushed within two minutes of the WPS button being pressed.
  • The WPS connection method doesn’t require the wires or any other kind of hardware components.
  • The interconnection between the router and modem or between the router and the mobile device can also be done through this WPS button.

Wired Ethernet connection

The wired Ethernet connection refers to the hardware connection. Below are the complete points regarding the router     connection through RJ45 Ethernet cables

  • First of all, connect your modem to the internet port of the router with a LAN cable.
  • Similarly, connect your computer device to the router’s one of the LAN ports with another Ethernet cable.
  • Now just switch on the power supply of the router and wait for few seconds till the lights on the router panel get stable.

You are again ready for the router configuration and enjoy the seam experience from Netgear.

What to do if you forget the router login password in the Netgear router?

The Netgear routers although dint needs to be reset so easily, but still on the off chance if you forget your router login password ever or if you just want to reset the router due to some other reasons, you should be completely aware of how to do it.

The router reset can be mainly done through two ways mentioned below.

Reset through the reset button of the router

Reset through the web interface of the router

Reset via the reset button

If you are an avid Netgear user, you must have seen a pinhole on the back panel or underneath the body of the router. What you have to do is just only insert any pinpointed object or something similar to that deep inside that pinhole and hold the reset button pressed for at least 5 seconds.

Your router will go off and on (or you can say it will reboot itself) within no time and all the important configuration settings will be erased from the router’s memory.

You have to configure and set up the Netgear router all over again to make it working again.